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Harp of the Angels - 2021 (Gold) - C17


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Note: This is a Consignment Token (hence the C17), which means a True Dungeon adventurer is selling it through Trent Tokens. But as with all Trent Tokens products, once you've made your purchase, you'll receive a tracking number and your token will be promptly mailed to you!

When played by a bard, in addition to the standard bardsong bonuses, this instrument reduces the amount of Darkrift damage dealt to all party members by 2. It does not matter if the Darkrift attack is targeted at an individual or affects multiple victims, as long as the bard is performing bardsong with this instrument and the recipient of the damage is a member of the party, the Darkrift damage is reduced.

Q1) What happens when a bard switches instruments?
A1) It depends on who goes first:

Scenario A

  • Round 1
  • Monster wins initiative, makes Darkrift attack
  • Party's turn, bard plays this instrument
  • The damage is not mitigated because the bard was not playing this instrument at the time of the attack.

Scenario B

  • Round 1
  • Party wins initiative, bard plays this instrument, but wants to switch to a different instrument the next round and informs the DM of this intention
  • Monster's turn, it makes a Darkrift attack
  • The damage is mitigated because the bard has not actually switched to a different instrument yet.

Text On Token: Adds “-2 damage from Darkrift” to party’s Bardsong bonuses

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