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Trent Tokens

Ioun Stone Amethyst Ovoid - 2015 (Onyx)


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Wearer is immune to psychic blast and gains the ability to manifest Psychic Powers.

Psychic Power

Players wishing to use a Psychic Power must unlock their character’s Psychic Potential by equipping a token that imbues Psychic Power before the start of their adventure. The coach will note on the party card when a character has Psychic Potential. Each player–not the coach–will then add up the number of Teeth of Cavadar (ToC) tokens they have equipped. During the adventure, the player may choose to activate one of the Psychic Powers below, so long as s/he has enough unique ToC equipped to qualify for that Power’s tier. Without any ToC equipped, only cell repair may be used. Think of the imbuing tokens as keys that unlock the door to psychic abilities and the ToC as fuel that expand one’s mind after it’s opened.

Under no circumstances may more than one Psychic Power be used per person per adventure. Equipping more ToC does not grant additional manifestations of powers, it grants access to a higher power tier. E.g., if you have three unique ToC equipped, you have access up to the tier 3 power so you could manifest ESP, or control mass, or adjust mass, or cell repair; not all four, not three, not two.

Tier Power Description Duration
0 Cell Repair Heal 4 HP (once) instant*
1 Adjust Mass Walk on water as if it were solid ground full room*
2 Control Mass Greatly slow your fall(s) for no damage full room
3 ESP If the DM announces you’re Surprised, this retroactively negates it. Inform the DM you’re using this power. full room
4 Planar Vision Ignore the 50% miss chance when attacking incorporeal targets full room*
5 Mind Shield Negate the effects of a failed Will saving throw (once) instant
6 Energy Adjustment Negate 5 points of Cold, Fire, Shock, or Sonic damage (once) instant
7 Energy Control Negate 10 points of Cold, Fire, Shock, or Sonic damage (once) instant
**8** Astral Projection Gain access to special event*** n/a

*Requires a Free Action to activate.

**Unlocked when all seven teeth are transmuted into the final item.

***Details to be announced at a later date. This will be a very cool one-time event held in 2021.


Text On Token: Immune to Psychic Blast & imbues Psychic Power

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