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Ioun Stone Elfstone Shard - 2021 (Blue)


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Adds +10 to max HP

This Transmuted token required all of these items to construct:

  • Ioun Stone [Sunstone Shard or Charoite Cuboid]
  • Automaton Gear
  • Automaton Oil
  • Darkrift Ingot
  • Death Cloak Fabric
  • Ethereal Ooze
  • Semi-Lich Dust
  • 2x Alchemist's Ink
  • 2x Alchemist's Parchment
  • 1x Aragonite
  • 2x Darkwood Plank
  • 2x Dwarven Steel
  • 1x Elven Bismuth
  • 1x Enchanter's Munition
  • 2x Minotaur Hide
  • 2x Mystic Silk
  • 1x Oil of Enchantment
  • 10x Philosopher's Stone
  • 5,000 GP in Reserve Bars

Last Day to Transmute: December 1, 2022

Text On Token: +10 to max hp

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