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Trent Tokens

Lenses of Divine Sight - 2014 (Onyx)


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These lenses duplicate a single-target healing spell cast from the character card (not from a scroll or item) onto a second character–not the same character twice. Only one spell is marked off the player’s character card. All bonuses applied to the source spell are applied to the duplicate spell. The lenses are only usable once per round, but other than that they may be used as often as desired. The player chooses when to use the effect. The duplicated spell is cast as a Free Action.

A source spell that affects multiple targets cannot be duplicated.

The effect from this item results in two single-target spells–the source and its duplicate. It does not turn a single-target spell into a two-target spell. This distinction is important when dealing with multi-target vs. single-target effects and restrictions.

Healing Pools: If a buff to a healing spell states it gives a +X bonus to a single-target heal spell but only a pool of X (not +X to each recipient) when used on a multi-target spell, each target gets the full +X bonus when the spell is duplicated by these lenses.

Requires a 20 Wisdom or higher to equip. When a token requires a minimum stat to use, the stat in question must be raised by permanent means. I.e., if you want to use a token that has a stat prerequisite, you must equip other tokens which raise that stat for the entire adventure. Temporary effects (e.g., potions) which last only a single room or round cannot be used to meet the minimum stat requirement.

Text On Token: Duplicates healing spell (with bonuses) onto 2nd target, requires 20 Wisdom

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