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Lenses of Divine Sight - 2019 (Onyx)


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Healing spells and scrolls cast by the wearer heal +2 HP. In addition, any healing spell or scroll cast by the wearer may be divided between two targets. The wearer may allocate the division in any way they see fit. E.g., if a cleric wearing these lenses cast cure light wounds (and passed the skill check), the total healing would be 10. The cleric has the option to heal a single character 10 HP or characters A and B 5 HP each or heal A 3 and B 7 or A 1 and B 9 or any non-fractional way the caster sees fit.

Note: This token was originally printed with a different power. It required at least 20 Wisdom to equip and only affected healing spells, not healing scrolls as well. Unfortunately, that version turned out to be unbalanced and required revision. You have two options regarding what you can do with your 2014 Lenses of Divine Sight token:

  1. Starting at Origins 2019, if you have the 2014 version and wish to continue using Lenses of Divine Sight, you will be required to exchange the 2014 version for the 2019 version.
  2. If you would prefer to replace the old token with a completely different UR token, you may turn your 2014 Lenses of Divine Sight token in for any 2018 or 2019 Ultra Rare.

Either way, you will receive a 10× Treasure Chips token as a thank you for your understanding during this re-balancing. The 2014 version of Lenses of Divine Sight will no longer be usable after Jan 31st, 2020. You must exchange your 2014 version for the 2019 version before that date.

Text On Token: +2 to healing Spells/Scrolls & may divide (in any way) your healing total between 2 targets

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