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Linked Shirt of Healing - 2016 (Gold)


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When two different characters wear this shirt and one of those two casts a healing spell on the other, the recipient of the healing spell heals an additional 3 HP. The caster and the target of the healing spell may not be the same person. I.e., if a healer wearing this shirt casts a self-targeting healing spell, this shirt does not boost that spell’s healing. Like all healing effects, this item cannot be used to increase HP beyond the character’s max HP.

This item only works with HP-restoring spells. Healing effects emanating from scrolls, items, or spells cast as a scroll do not trigger the bonus healing. Spells which do not restore HP are unaffected by these shirts.

In order to be eligible for linking, the healing spell must restore HP expressed as an integer, not a variable such as “half” or “all”. Only HP-restoring effects trigger this shirt’s effect. Spells which bring the dead back to life cannot be linked.

This effect is compatible with multi-target spells, but the caster does not get the bonus healing. E.g., if the entire party is wearing these shirts and the bard casts Sooth Wounds (all party members heal 3 HP), the bard would heal 3 HP and everyone else would heal 6 HP.

Text On Token: When another character, also wearing this shirt, casts a healing spell on you, heal +3 hp

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