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Masterwork Thieves’ Tools - 2004 (Wooden)


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This superior set of picks, files, and other fine instruments allows the player to re-try the Rogue Skill Test if it has been triggered during one’s first attempt. This item only allows one such re-try per game and must be shown to the DM to use. A rogue may only carry one set of these tools. This item is permanent and is not surrendered to the DM when used.

If a player has both Masterwork Thieves’ Tools and Ektdar’s Tinkering Tool, the Ektdar’s Tinkering Tool must be used on the first attempt. The two cannot be used together. (I.e., Ektdar’s Tinkering Tool cannot be used with Masterwork Thieves’ Tools to start over at the midpoint). However, it is possible for rogues to use their Masterwork Thieves’ Tools after using the Ektdar’s Tinkering Tool. This second chance would start at the beginning of the skill challenge.

Q: If I use a Masterwork Thieves’ Tools to get a do-over, do I have to start from the beginning or can I start from my fail point?
A: You must start at the beginning.

Q: May I use the Masterwork Thieves’ Tools on every rogue box?
A: No. The Masterwork Thieves’ Tools are only usable once per adventure. Once the Masterwork Thieves’ Tools have been used, you may not use it again on that adventure.

Q: Can this be used in conjunction with a Libram of Looting?
A: Yes

Text On Token: Allows 1 skill check re-try per adventure

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