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Medallion of Energy - 2018 (Platinum)


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Allows a spell caster to recast a 1st-level spell (1st-level only, not any other level of spell.) The bonus spell is “cast as a scroll” (meaning it cannot: benefit from a skill test, be duplicated, be cast as a Free Action, nor be modified in any way.) This item can be used once per room.

Q: If the “source” spell is modified, will/can the duplicated version have the same modification?
A: No. Since the duplicated spell is “cast as a scroll”, it cannot be modified, even if the “source” spell was. E.g., in round one, Alice uses her Circlet of Elemental Mastery to change ray of shock to ray of ice. On round two, Alice activates her Medallion of Energy to recast the spell. But since the duplicated spell is “cast as a scroll”, on round two the spell that goes off is ray of shock.

Text On Token: May re-cast a 1st level spell cast–as a scroll (1/room)

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