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Monster Trophy Set - 2006 (Wooden)


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This Monster Trophy Set includes all three 2006 Monster Trophies. Ten Monster Trophies can be used to make a Golden Fleece or used as ingredients to make Transmuted tokens.  Click here to learn more.

Prior to 2007 (from 2003 - 2006), True Dungeon tokens were printed on wood, and the community typically calls these tokens "Woodies."

Monster Trophy tokens can only be found in the random treasure generators found at the end of an adventure. Each represents either a portion of a creature, statuary, flora, or raw materials (e.g., metals or minerals) found within a True Dungeon adventure.

Monster Trophy tokens have black lettering and gold backs (or brown lettering on wood in 2006). They are primarily used to make Combo/Transmuted tokens and are often highly-prized by token collectors.

You will receive the following set of 3 tokens:

1 - Dryder Silk

2 - Ghoul Tongue

3 - Stone Spider Fang

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