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Oil of Smiting - 2009 (Gold)


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When applied to a blunt weapon, it will increase the critical range of that weapon. Thus the player can score a critical hit if the attack slide result is a natural 19 or 20. This oil has no effect on edged weapons nor blunt weapons which already have an expanded crit range.

This oil takes one round to apply to a weapon. Once applied, the effect lasts for the entire combat.

Note: Scoring a natural 20 is an automatic hit, but a natural 19 may not necessarily hit–even if the 19 is within the critical range of the weapon.

A single weapon may be coated with more than one oil at a time, but unless otherwise specified, each oil takes one round to apply. Multiple coatings of the same oil do not increase that oil’s effectiveness.

Text On Token: Apply to 1 blunt weapon, criticals on a “19” or “20”

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