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Potion Drow Blade Venom - 2006 (Wooden)


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The Potion Drow Blade Venom token is the first ever Completion Token created by True Dungeon. Besides being the first, it was the only Completion Token an adventurer could receive in 2006.

And what makes this token even more rare, it was only given out to adventurers who attempted Hardcore Mode AND were alive at the end of the final room. There weren’t many groups in 2006 who played Hardcore Mode back then, and even fewer who survived. You could say that this token may be rarer than many of the Ultra Rares from 2006.


When applied to a weapon, this midnight black liquid will cause an additional 5 HP damage on the first–and only the first–successful attack. (Misses do not use up the venom.) If the victim succeeds on a DC 15 Fortitude saving throw, the poison has no effect. On a successful hit, the poison is expended–even if the victim succeeds on the saving throw.

A single weapon may be coated with Drow Blade Venom or other weapon oils, but unless otherwise specified, each fluid takes one round to apply. Multiple coatings of the same fluid do not increase that fluid’s effectiveness.

Note: Though labeled Potion, this fluid is now considered an Oil because it’s applied to weapons, not internally imbibed.

Text On Token: Apply at start of combat 1st successful attack does 5 pts. extra damage DC-15

Official True Dungeon Token Database Listing

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