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Trent Tokens

Ring of Lone Justice - 2015 (Gold)


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If your attack (any non-scroll attack slide that deals damage) winds up as the only puck resting on the “20”, that attack deals +5 damage. If you are capable of sliding more than one puck, only one of your attacks may rest on the 20 for this power to activate. E.g., if a ranger wearing this ring performs a double melee attack and both pucks rest on the 20, the power from this ring will not activate. (But hey, you still got two 20s!)

Note: A critical hit is not required, only a natural 20 is. Targets which are immune to crits can be affected by this item. But if that attack is also a critical hit, the +5 damage will be included in the damage that gets doubled.

Text On Token: +5 damage if your attack slide is the only one on the “20”

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