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Ring of the Drake - 2020 (Gold)


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The wearer’s melee and/or ranged attacks deal +2 damage as Fire. All shurikens thrown by the wearer automatically return to the wearer and the end of that combat round and may be used again the next round.

Note: Though monks may throw up to two shurikens per round, this item does not allow a monk to throw the same shuriken more than once per round. I.e., the monk must have two shurikens in order to throw two of them in one round.

Remember: “Ranged” is an umbrella term that encompasses both missiles (physical items propelled through the air) and spells (cast magical effects).

Text On Token: +2 Fire damage to Melee, Missile, and Spells. Shurikens gain Returning effect

Official True Dungeon Token Database Listing

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