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Sacred Runestone - 2017 (Gold)


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On a successful hit with a physical ranged weapon (including thrown weapons, but not spells or wholly magical effects), the wielder deals an additional 1 damage as Sacred.

Runestones are single use items that are turned in to the coach prior to starting an adventure. The effects will be added to your overall stats. One runestone may be used per adventure. However, up to two additional Rare runestones can be attached to one weapon (or one runestone each on two different weapons) if the player possesses a Runestone Fitting Base (one per additional runestone) and presents it at the beginning of the adventure with the additional rare runestone(s) of choice. Attaching the Rare runestone still requires the player to turn in the Rare runestone token, but the Runestone Fitting Base token is not turned in.

Note: Undead suffer double damage from any source of Sacred energy but Good-aligned Outsiders take no damage from Sacred power. If a weapon with added Sacred damage hits an Undead creature, only the Sacred portion of the damage is doubled.

Text on Token: +1 Sacred damage w/missile weapons (1 use, redeem at start)

Official True Dungeon Token Database Listing

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