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Scroll Healing Maze - 2019 (Platinum)


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Target ally heals 3 HP and goes into an extradimensional space for one round. It must be cast on someone who hasn’t yet taken their turn on the round this scroll is cast. After the scroll is cast on the target ally, that character gets shunted and may take their turn for that round. While in the extradimensional space, the character may only affect themself (buff, heal some more, swap hand-held items, etc.)

Shunted characters may not interact with nor in any way affect the monster or any other party member–including other party members who might also have been shunted into their own personal extradimensional space. If multiple copies of this scroll are cast, each target get shunted into their own unique space.

On the monster’s next turn, the monster cannot attack nor in any way affect the target of this scroll.

At the beginning of the party’s next turn, the character returns and may act normally.

Note: This scroll may only be cast on a willing target.

Text On Token: Ally is cured 3 pts & put in interdimensional space for 1 rd

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