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Scroll Slow Poison - 2007 (Gold)


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If cast immediately after a party member gets poisoned, the target will suffer no ill effects from that Poison. Therefore, if the target would have taken HP damage, the target takes no HP damage. If the Poison had some other instantaneous effect (e.g., death), that effect would be negated.

If not cast on the same round (or the first available turn after the Poison was administered), an instantaneous Poison effect cannot be undone, but a lingering effect (e.g., vomiting or paralysis) could be removed.

The power of this scroll cannot mitigate future Poison effects–a new Scroll Slow Poison or some other aid would need to be used.

Note: Unlike the druid spell neutralize poison, this spell cannot be cast on monsters.

Text On Token: Cures Poisoned character

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