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Shade Cloak - 2012 (Gold)


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Adds +1 to AC, adds +1 to all saving throws, and allows the wearer to speak with dead at will. The ability to speak with dead is conferred only on the wearer, not the rest of the party. Therefore, “ghost” party members may only communicate with wearers of this cloak. A “ghost” party member may not physically interact with the party or anything in the room, but may verbally assist (via the wearer of this cloak) in strategy and puzzle solving.

This cloak’s powers cease functioning if the character wearing it dies. I.e., a “ghost” wearing this cloak does not get the speak with living ability. However, a living party member wearing another Shade Cloak or using some other means to speak with dead would still be able to communicate with that character.

This Transmuted token required all of these items to construct:

  • 1× Ioun Stone Mithral Pyramid
  • 1× Scroll Speak with Dead
  • 1× Shadow Cloak
  • 1× Silverweave Shirt
    plus ONLY ONE of the following:
  • 1× Dire Squid Ink
  • 1× Gargoyle Fang
  • the equivalent of 250 GP

Last Day to Transmute: December 1, 2013

Text On Token: +1 to AC & +1 to saves, Speak with Dead (at will)

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