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Sling Stone of Chaos - 2011 (Gold)


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On a successful hit, this stone deals a total of 4 damage as a random energy type, as determined by which symbol is closest to the damage dot. (bolt=Lightning, waves=Sonic, flame=Fire, snowflake=Cold)

Unlike most other ammo tokens which are turned in prior to making an attack slide with the weapon that launches the ammo, this token is placed in the puck and slid. If the sling itself was magical (e.g., +1 or +2), the plus from the weapon is added to the damage this bullet deals. Any bonus the shooter has to ranged weapon damage applies, including Strength damage when shot from a Mighty Sling. Any augmentation to damage from other sources (e.g., a magic item that grants additional damage to ranged attacks) deals the same form of elemental damage. No saving throw is permitted to mitigate the damage, but energy resistances may apply.

Note: The damage dealt is pure energy, so the victim may be immune (e.g., a red dragon hit by Fire) or especially vulnerable (e.g., a fire elemental hit by Cold), depending on the nature of the target. In addition, unlike mundane sling stones, none of the damage from this item is Blunt.

Text On Token: 4 pts of random energy damage

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