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Smokestick - 2008 (Gold)


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Erratum: When ignited and tossed at a target, this item surrounds a single creature with a hazy smoke. The smoke lasts for the duration of the room. All ranged attacks targeting the victim and all ranged attacks made by the victim suffer a -4 To Hit penalty. (I.e., ranged attacks going into or out of the smoke are more difficult.) The combined process of igniting the smokestick and tossing it requires a Standard Action, but does not require an attack slide or any kind of skill check. Spells that do not require a To Hit slide and melee attacks are not affected.

The use of additional smokesticks or smoke bombs on the same target does not further penalize the target. I.e., the effects of smokestick and smoke bomb do not stack with themselves nor each other.

Note: Some environmental conditions may render this item ineffective.

Text On Token: Fills 10 ft cube with dense smoke

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