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Trent Tokens

Thunder Stone - 2007 (Gold)


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This alchemical weapon must be thrown at a monster (slid as weapon on the combat board). Though it is not stated on earlier versions of the token, the thrower need only hit AC 15 or higher. If the attack is successful, the Thunder Stone will deal Sonic damage to the monster. Double the damage if the victim is a magical construct or crystalline creature. There is no saving throw to mitigate damage. It is usable only once, whether the attack succeeds or misses.

Like all alchemical weapons, this item will deal double damage if the attacker scores a “natural 20” on the attack slide. But unlike thrown physical weapons (dagger, spear, etc.), alchemical weapon damage is not increased by the attacker’s Strength score.

There are two versions of this token. The “chippy” version (Thunder Stone, two words) deals the damage as indicated by the token’s damage wheel but the “woody” version (Thunderstone, one word) deals exactly 8 (or 16, as stated above) damage.

Note: This item creates a very loud noise which may also be useful in non-combat situations.

Special Note: Under normal circumstances, constructs cannot be critically hit. If the person throwing a Thunder Stone at a construct is wearing an Amulet of the Tinkerer, or has coated it with Oil of the Tinkerer, then scores a critical hit, the damage will be tripled–not quadrupled.

Text On Token: Does Sonic damage if AC-15 is hit (One use)

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