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Token Capsule Binder - Classic Grande 3-Ring Binder

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The Token Capsule Binder (Classic Grande 3-Ring Binder with Slipcase) is perfect for anyone who wants to store multiple Token Capsules. These binders are designed to hold our Token Capsule Pages, which hold 15 Token Capsules (and tokens) per page.

The Token Capsule Binder is designed to hold up to 6 Token Capsule Pages (which come in a pack of two), and each page can hold up to 15 Token Capsules, for a total of up to 90 tokens!

Please note - The Token Capsule Pages and Token Capsules are not included. 

Whether you want to safely and securely store any token you choose, you're the quartermaster for your group, or maybe you're like me and have something similar to what I call my "Binder of Sharing," this is the binder for you!

This binder is really great for storing precious character builds, treasure enhancing tokens, Charms of Avarice, or Skulls of Cavadar that True Dungeon recommends keeping inside a Token Capsule.

These binders also include a matching protective Slipcase (as seen in photo), but they are larger than our other Token Binders (which are 4 ring binders). It is also important to note that these Token Capsule Binders are 3 ring binders, meaning they are not designed to be used with our Token Binder Sheets (which are designed for our 4 ring binders).

The Token Capsule Binder is designed to hold our Token Capsule Pages and Token Capsules (the same ones you get from True Dungeon).

Available in four colors - Green, Red, Blue, and Black.

Manufacturer Details:
Hand-made binder in bookbinder's quality
- Sturdy 3 D-ring locking mechanism
- Leatherette cover with matching slipcase
Overall size (binder & slipcase): 11 1/2" x 13 1/4" x 2 3/4" (293 mm x 335 mm x 70 mm)
- Capacity up to 6 Token Capsule Pages (also known as ENCAP 44/45) - for a total of 90 Token Capsules and Tokens (not included)


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