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Wish Ring - Yearless (Brown)


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The user that invokes the power of this ring may cause one of several effects to occur. Once the ring is used, the magic dissipates leaving the user with a 1,000 GP value ring. The possible powers which can be invoked include:

  • Heal entire party to full hit points
  • Resurrect/restore character killed and whose body is lost
  • Allow 1 character to equip two neck slot items for an adventure
  • Allow player to draw out 25 tokens from 1 treasure box
  • Give 1 character +5 Damage for entire combat

  • This token only becomes a 1,000 GP value ring after it’s used in the adventure or coaching room to grant the user a wish. When used as an ingredient for a transmuted recipe requiring a Wish Ring, the player does not get a wish, does not get a 1,000 GP value ring, and the Wish Ring token is not returned to the player.

    If the wish has been expended, this token may not be used to fulfill a Wish Ring requirement in a transmuted recipe. However, it may be used to fulfill a recipe’s GP requirement if the recipe does not require Reserve Bars.

    Official True Dungeon Token Database Listing

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