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2nd Year Anniversary - Facebook Live Video - Free 2019 UR Drawing

Posted on May 06 2019

Hello everyone and welcome to the Trent Tokens 2nd Anniversary Newsletter!

I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you; my 343 newsletter subscribers! You're part of an amazing group of people who have visited Trent Tokens over the past two years. I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you very much!!!

See below for photos of a few of my favorite memories over the past two years.

Trent Tokens went live on May 14, 2017, and over the past two years I've had almost 1,000 orders from over 250 customers...wowza! I also have over 30 consignors selling their tokens on Trent Tokens as well.

When I started I had no idea that this adventure would be so much fun, and I'm extremely grateful to all of you for giving me this great joy. I hope you guys are having fun too, and will continue to have fun for many years to come!

As you already know, I love collecting tokens and it's been awesome helping other people find tokens for their collections too. I also love providing a place to find various types of token accessories for people to enjoy, and I really love providing a central venue for multiple crafters to sell their wares.

Speaking of that, Click Here to see the recently added True Dungeon Accessories available on Trent Tokens!

To celebrate my 2nd year anniversary, on Sunday May 12, at 8:00 pm EDT, there will be a Facebook Live drawing where one lucky customer from the past year will get the chance to choose a FREE Ultra Rare 2019 token. You can choose any 2019 Ultra Rare you want!

1st Place:
2019 Ultra Rare of your choosing
and the new Trent Tokens Hat (+1 to AC)

2nd Place:
+4 Ultra Rare Stein of Trentus (White/Gold or Grey/Blue)
and the new Trent Tokens Hat (+1 to AC)

3rd Place:
+1 Uncommon Mug of Trentus
and the new Trent Tokens Hat (+1 to AC)

How to enter into the drawing?
If you've made a purchase over the last year you're in! If you purchased anything from Trent Tokens from 05/14/18 - 05/12/19 (7:00pm EDT cutoff), you'll be automatically entered into the drawing.

To win there's nothing more you need to do except visit my Facebook page at 8:00 pm EDT on Sunday May 12 to see if your name is chosen out of the Bag of Holding!

If you haven't made a purchase over the past year yet, visit Trent Tokens and make a purchase before 7:00pm EDT on Sunday May 12 to be entered into the FREE Ultra Rare drawing!

Note - I will contact the winners via email.

What are customers saying about Trent Tokens?

Joey from Michigan said, "Trent's been a great pillar of our community. His passion for the game is evident in his website. It's super organized and always has the tokens I want. If Trent doesn't have the tokens you need, he'll even help you find them!"
Arnold from California said"Trent Tokens has been a tremendous resource to me as my interest in True Dungeon has grown. My favorite aspect of the site is Trent's customer service. On two separate occasions, Trent went above and beyond to ensure that I received an A+ transaction. On yet another occasion, Trent pointed me in the right direction to locate a hard-to-find ultra rare from another party. His joy and love of tokens is totally apparent in our correspondences. That enthusiasm is definitely infectious.
I'd be remiss not to mention the social media promotions, the implementation of feedback (newly listed items & hide sold out items), the customer loyalty program, and all of the sales the site is always running. The TD community is definitely better off for having Trent Tokens around. I hope that the site continues to outfit adventurers for years to come."
Mark from Wisconsin said, "Trent Tokens is a great place to look to fill those holes in your True Dungeon token build. Trent is easy to work with, his prices are more than fair, and he gets things out promptly.  Even when picking up consignment items, Trent stands behind everything sold."

Eric from Illinois said, "Trent Tokens is not only a fantastic place to purchase new and hard-to-find True Dungeon tokens, but it's a great resource for TD fans as well. With user-friendly search and sort functions and a constant influx of consignments, you never know what rare token is going to turn-up. Finally, Trent's service is always personal and top-notch. He is truly a True Dungeon Super Fan and it shows!"
Ryan from Michigan said, "Everybody knows that Trent's got all the top Tokens and terrific Totes too. Where Trent truly distinguishes himself, though, is with his talent for Tips. As a teacher of TD, he's particularly tremendous with new players and collectors. An ambassador extraordinaire. Thanks for all the Tokens, Totes, and Tips, Trent!"
Nick from California said, "Trent Tokens has been a great resource for me. As someone who started doing True Dungeon 4 years ago, but only recently started looking to do more hardcore and nightmare runs, Trent Tokens has helped me get started. You can find some great deals there!
Jon from California said, "Trent has a variety of tokens, will price match if you come across something cheaper, and he can deliver to all True Dungeon conventions."
David from Michigan said, “As a Rogue I have two primary motivations, treasure and stabbing. Both of which have been greatly enhanced by Trent and his legendary tokens!” He also said, "I get my woodies from Trent Tokens!”

LOL at my silly customers! :)

What are consignors saying about Trent Tokens?

Trent makes the consignment process easy and the commission rate for consignment items is fair. I personally just send him any items I want put up for consignment, and he ships the items when they sell.

Trent is an energetic token fanatic! He's easy to communicate with and Trent Tokens is an easy way to sell tokens.

Trent Tokens has been a great way to move all my extra tokens. Trent is great and easy to work with.

The best part about working with Trent Tokens is Trent.  He is so easy to work with and accommodating, it's been a pleasure to sell my tokens through his site. With all the promotions and deals offered through Trent Tokens, whether I'm buying or selling, I always feel like a got the most value possible.

What are crafters saying about Trent Tokens?
Ed (Bracers by MasterED) said, "One of the items that makes working with Trent Tokens pleasurable is his customer service. He strives to make every communication pleasurable even if it isn't related to a sale. In today's world, that is a rare commodity. Thanks for being one of the good guys."

Jenny (Token Sashes by Binia) said, "Trent with Trent Tokens has perfectly positioned himself in the True Dungeon token and accessory market. As a crafter, he has made it easy for me to conduct my business by taking care of information gathering and payment handling with my customers. And Trent’s patrons surely appreciate being able to research the various accessory options all in one place, plus purchase the tokens they need to round out their collections. Trent Tokens has been an excellent addition to the True Dungeon community!"

As always, if you're looking for a specific token or accessory and you don't see it on Trent Tokens, please let me know and I'll do my best to help you find it.

Thank you again for subscribing to the Trent Tokens monthly newsletter.  And always feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

I hope to see you at Origins, Gen Con, and/or Gamehole Con this year!






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