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Hand Crossbow Bolt of Enfeeblement - 2010 (Gold)


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On a successful hit from a hand crossbow, this bolt requires the victim to succeed on a DC 12 Fortitude saving throw or suffer a -1 penalty to all melee damage until the end of combat. It must be declared (turned in) before sliding the weapon token.

The enfeeblement penalty from this bolt is equivalent to the spell ray of enfeeblement and the two effects share the same stack. Multiple enfeeblement effects will stack up to a maximum -4 penalty. E.g., if a monster was hit with two rays of enfeeblement and two Hand Crossbow Bolts of Enfeeblement and it failed all four saving throws, it would reach the maximum -4 to damage penalty.

Note: Attacks made with this ammunition deal a total of 0 HP damage–whether the saving throw was successful or not.

Text On Token: DC-12 Fort or -1 to melee damage (-4 max) (One use)

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